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We are a power engineering solution provider and systems integrator company. Power systems engineering technology service is one of the key facets of our business as a company. We have become a significant supplier and solutions provider to the Nigerian power industry providing services by marketing, sales, installation and maintenance of varied power equipment and systems.
We provide the following services:


Gas Turbine, steam and Hydro turbine.
Supply and installation of diesel generating systems

Design, Engineering, procurement and construction of 33/11kv switching substations including all associated control and switch gear.
Supply and installation of distribution transformers 11/0.415kv and 33/0.415kv from 100kva to 2.5MVA

Design, Engineering, Procurement and Construction of 330Kv and 132kv Transmission lines on steel towers
33kv and 11kv transmission line on steel lattice tower and concrete pole with the associated substations

Supply and installation of solar cells and wind vane
Our innovative approach, tailored solutions and emphasis on customer service are the cornerstones of our success in today’s competitive power market.
We are committed to building and sustaining a reputation for technological leadership in the field power engineering by providing solutions that are efficient and cost effective for our ever-growing clientele. Our expanding national network is a sign of this commitment.
At Kingsool Integrated Technologies, we have a strong reputation in our product portfolio over the years. We are systems-integrator of repute.

We strive to establish close, long-term working partnerships with our customers, in doing so, we develop trust and co-operation necessary to create true competitive advantage for our customers’ business operations. We continually strive to achieve the highest possible standards in all spheres of our business operations including but not limited to:

Installation Services
Our installation services cover the pre installation works and surveys and the actual installation of the equipment, ensuring that the flexible and configurable functions of the systems are tailored to meet specific customer requirement.
At pre installation surveys, we determine the exact scope of work, requirements and resources needed to meet all customer needs. Often times, it becomes necessary to put certain structures or other services/auxiliary equipment in place before commencement of the system and external line plant installations. The surveys offer a basis for planning to ensure that all aspects of installation are incorporated and properly carried out.
Actual installation procedures are patterned along standard engineering codes and practices. The concepts are translated to concrete engineering structures. The systems are configured to meet specified requirements, detailed installation records are done and ‘’ As Built Drawings’’ Provided.

Every installation is backed up by a well-articulated maintenance arrangement which enables our seasoned Engineers to pay scheduled maintenance visits to our customers on contrast maintenance and guarantee obligation. A help desk is dedicated to monitor faults and give telephone support as well as ensuring that distress calls are promptly attended to as the faults are reported.
While Engineers can provide on the spot solutions to problems encountered in the field, problems requiring system repairs to component level are referred to our workshops which are one of the best in the industry.

Consultancy Services
We also provide a wide range technical support to our customers and play advisory roles in the execution of some major projects within and outside the country.

About KINGSOOL Technologies

VISION: To become a world leader in technology and engineering with extensive proliferation of an excellent company network cutting across all the countries of the world


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